Ends With And

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Led by Mary Timony (Ex Hex, Wild Flag, Autoclave), this trio was one of the most important bands of the '90s.
Helium’s legacy culminates with this double LP comprising unreleased demos, rare singles and b-sides.
2 LPs, 19 tracks + bonus downloads
3 previously unreleased demos (Superball, Ghost Car, Leon’s Space Song)
1 completely unreleased song (Golden Bridge) which is the last Helium song ever written.

"I can't believe how lucky that era was. You could go anywhere any time any night and see about five amazing bands and they were all different. That was the beauty of it. Boston goes in cycles and that was an amazing time. It's coming back, but that was a great time. We were huge in a small way." - Shawn King Devlin

Our live shows were getting good. The "American Jean" single was selling as fast as I could ship it. We were featured in Sassy magazine, which resulted in hundreds of (mainly) teenage girls sending $3.50 for a copy of the record. After that, it all became a blur. - Brian Dunton

"After reading my hundredth back issue of Mojo at Mitch's, I stumbled upon a dog-eared paperback called "Medieval People," and took it into the control room. And I'm not sure how it started, but soon there was a middle ages theme in effect - a joke, of course, but something that nonetheless snuck onto the album in various ways, such as when I renamed my instrumental track after this fascinating classic. Not that "Ronald Reagan Airport" was ever a good song title. Fast forward a few months, and we're being outfitted in rented Renaissance Fair garb by stylists for photo shoots, and being asked 'what's it all about?' during interviews. A serious rock band can never truly recover from something like this, so it was time to put away our lances after one last round of jousting. - Ash Bowie

Compiling Ends with And has been like stumbling upon a long forgotten time capsule and trying to put the pieces in order. I hadn't heard most of the songs in a very long time. I pored over hours of unlabeled cassette demos, odd test pressings, and DAT tapes. A few of the live recordings and bonus tracks were hard to find - I knew that they existed but I had lost copies, but luckily a few kind souls had stored tapes in dusty basements and attics in various parts of the country. It's good to know that these songs will all be in one place now. Thank you so much to everyone that helped make this record happen. - Mary Timony